Do you have distribution & integration partners in Japan? Powered Communications specializes in services to be your marketing partner just like you have your sales partners for market testing, effective reach to the market and cost-effectiveness.
Also, what’s unique about marketing is that it is usually the last personnel a company hires when entering one market, thus adding value to Powered Communications.

Since its establishment in 1999, Powered Communications has assisted over 200 foreign IT & high-tech companies on entering and expanding their business in the Japanese market by providing services such as:

Market assessment and research
Sales support and partner programs development
Lead generation programs development
Exhibitions and seminar
Marketing communications and PR
Sales tools and case studies development
Digital and social marketing


We focus on foreign IT & high-tech companies on entering and expanding their business in the Japanese market.


We focus in the phase of market entry, before the full commitment (ex. full localization and local support) and until the client becomes mid size business in Japan.


All the staffs are fully experienced with in-house management, sales and marketing, thus having vast experience and connections with related communities.


Since our establishment in 1999, we have supported over 200 companies on entering and expanding in the Japanese market.



Powered Communications specializes in supporting foreign high-tech/IT companies in Japan by providing sales & marketing support on expanding their business in the Japanese market. Powered Communications focuses on their size, to provide integrated and cost effective support.
Powered Communications also focuses on clients’ business model for the same reason which is to provide high ROI to the clients.

Powered Communications provide integrated and/or individual services other than legal, accounting, funding and human resource. Powered Communications commits to services facing the real market. 


Market assessment & research, partner research, Japan entry & expansion planning.

Sales Support

Private seminar, exhibition & event participation, cases studies & other collateral development.

Marketing Communications

PR & corporate communications, digital marketing, relationship building, advertisement. 

Partner Development

Partner development, partner program development, partner seminar, co-sales/marketing.


Powered Communications has served as sales support and marketing agency for over 200 foreign IT companies since its establishment in 1999. Most of them are listed companies on NASDAQ and NYSE, however, yet to build brand awareness in Japan.

Current Clients

Limelight Networks
Software AG
TUV Rheinland

Past Clients

Palo Alto Networks
Savvis Communications

Various Markets



Here are some voices from clients and partners on what they say about Powered Communications. Reference available upon request.
RENE BONVANIE, CMO, Palo Alto Networks
Former CMO and SVP, Business Objects/SAP
Former VP, Oracle

"Powered Communications provides diverse, highly integrated communications and business development services. I believe this diversified approach comes from their experience working in-house and their understanding of the process of making smart business decisions. From my experience, I believe Powered Communications is the best agency to choose for early to mid-stage foreign IT companies to enter, gaining presence, and expand their business in the Japanese market."

STEVE ZIVANIC,  Vice President, Storage Hardware Systems Business Group, Oracle
VP of Marketing, Nirvanix
Former Senior Director of Corporate Marketing, QLogic
Former VP of Corporate Communications, DataDirect Networks
"I have been working with Powered Communications for the past five years to successfully develop U.S.-based IT businesses in Japan, ranging from data center networking infrastructures to storage for the media and entertainment sector to enterprise cloud storage services. Powered Communications is comprised of established, strategic business thinkers with exceptional connections throughout the IT industry in Japan that enable companies to rapidly expand their sales presence and increase both market share and mind share. The company delivers consistent results in a very systematic manner and I highly recommend the firm to any IT company looking to elevate their brand stature and increase sales in Japan."

HIROYUKI KIMURA,  Executive Vice President, Citrix Systems, Japan
Former President, Symantec, Japan
Former Managing Director, Sun Microsystems, Japan
"I have great expectations of their future activities by Powered Communications. Company President, Mr. Wakairo, has achieved many success stories in the wide ranging corporate communications business, with strategic planning and implementation of programs. He has thus made major contributions to establishing and strengthening the brand of all companies he has done business with. I am convinced that he will contribute to the expansion of business content for all his customers and partners."

MASAYUKI URUSHIYAMA President, Dolby Laboratories, Japan
Former President, Adobe Systems, Japan
"I am convinced that Powered Communications will bring about new advances in the industry. Mr. Wakairo, in addition to his wide-ranging experience, contributes greatly to strengthening the customer’s market position, by always maintaining a consistent approach to what is best for the customer. I am sure that Powered Communications will bring further radical new values to our business."

HIDEKI KAWAMURA Communication Consultant
Former Chairman, former President, Hill and Knowlton, Japan
"Specialization and internationalization are rapidly advancing trends in the field of communications. Effective communicators are required to possess a multi-faceted viewpoint to respond immediately to diverse stakeholders, possess decision-making capabilities that achieve a balance between different decision-making criteria, and possess a strategic eye to select effective and optimum communication methods. I am sure that Powered Communications has taken the first step towards further expansion of the communications domain, and I am sure that they will be very successful."


Giant System Integrators/Product OEMs/Technology OEMs

IT Giants: NEC, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Toshiba, others Electronics: Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, others Embedded: Mitsubishi, Kyocera, others

Telecom Carriers

NTT Group: NTT East, NTT West, NTT docomo, NTT Communications, others KDDI Group: KDDI, au
SoftBank Group: SoftBank BB, Softbank Telecom, Softbank Mobile, others


CTC, Macnica Networks, Networld, Sumitomo Shoji, others

IT Service & Data Centers

FujiSoft, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IIJ, Intec, NEC, Otsuka, others


Nihon Unisys, Uchida Yoko, IBM, Lenovo, others


Nikkei Newspaper, Nihon Kogyo Shimbun, Weekly BCN, Information Industry Newspaper, others

Business Media

Nikkei Business, Weekly Toyo Keizai, Economist, AERA, others

Industrial Media

Nikkei BP, RIC Telecom, ITmedia, Impress Group, ASCII Group, RBB, Keyman's Net, others

Analyst Firms

Gartner Japan, IDC Japan, MM Research Institute, Kimera Research Institute, others 


Powered Communications’ core staff are fully experienced in high-tech and IT fields with management, sales and marketing experience. Their trusted relationship with the industry includes not only partners and channels, but with top management of Japanese & foreign enterprises, investors and media & analysts.
TATSUHIKO IDE, Advisor and Director of Corporate Management
Tatsuhiko brings more than 30 years of sales and corporate management experience to Powered Communications. At IBM, he held position of Director of Xseries Server & Workstation of Asia Pacific Group, and lead the company to gain its value across APAC-J. He has also served as the President of Intellisync K.K. and LanDesk Software K.K.
KYOSUKE WAKAIRO, Managing Director and Director of Marketing

Kyosuke started his career as event & marketing planner and established Powered  Communications Inc. in 1999, which focused on supporting foreign IT companies’ marketing  and sales activities in Japan. Since then, he has assisted more than 200 companies including  70 companies on entering the Japanese market. In parallel to Powered Communications, he  also has worked as marketing director for numerous companies including Intellisync K.K. and Nokia Japa n K.K.
KAZUHISA MATSUYAMA, Director of Marketing

Kazuhisa brings with him more than 20 years of diverse marketing experience working for innovative global companies and is responsible for corporate, product, and strategic marketing activities. He has career of serving as marketing director of Wind River K.K., marketing director of Sun Asia Pacific Region, and marketing director of Applied Materials Japan.
MASAHIRO ASAI, Director of Business Development

Masahiro started his career as network specialist at Intec Inc., which is one of the top ten  system integrator in Japan. After Intec, he joined Intel Japan and developed many projects  including discovery agreement for M&A as well as accomplishing award winning sales targets.  After Intel, he has played important rolls on launching many foreign IT companies, such as the VP of Sales at LANDesk Software K.K, Country Manager at PGP Corp. and Country Manager at Celio Corp.
YUTAKA OZAKI, Director of Technology

Yutaka is an expert engineer in cloud & network services and client & server softwares. He started his career as a software engineer at Intel Japan. After Intel, Ozaki worked as technical support engineer at LANDesk Software K.K. and Intellisync K.K., responsible for supporting business partners and enterprise customers. 


Company Name: Powered Communications Inc.
Representative: Kyosuke Wakairo, Management Director
Establishment: November 2003 (In business since May 1999)
Capital: 10,000,000 JPY
Location: The Garage, Yoshimura Building, 5-13-1 Hakusan, Bunkyo, Tokyo 112-0001, JAPAN
Contacts: Tel: +81-3-6902-2106  Email: info (at)
Affiliates & Membership: Japan affiliate of Cohn & Wolf (, Japan affiliate of ECCO International (, Member of Tokyo Chamber of Commerce (